Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reflecting the Sun with Emily

Reflecting the Sun was a shoot, which myself and my assistant at the time, Michael Livesey, decided to do to test our skill and kit without the use of flash. Well except for the last 10, or so shots. The reason for the shoot was not only for the above reason, but also to train up Mike to ultimately become a professional photographer. Mikey was already doing most of my editing at the time. This shoot occurred on the 10th July 2011, who would have thought that just 20 days later Michael Livesey would have been knocked over by a car, tragically taking his life. This shoot is dedicated to him. Mikey, you will always inspire when I'm feeling dry, and make me laugh when I am feeling down. Thank you for playing such a huge role in getting my photography to where it is today.

       It's often way more simple to just do the pose, instead trying to explain to the model in words. The only problem is that you end up looking like a nana ha ha. This sneaky shot was taken by Mikey.

                                                         Just for the records, and for laughs:)
Michael Livesey, Tala Game Park

We utilized and manipulated the natural light provided, by strategically angling Emily and bouncing light off two reflector boards in some shots. The second reflector was manned by Callen. A big thanks to Mikey, Em and Callen!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ryan & Chelsea's Wedding

                      Ha ha! My faithful assistant Theo, creating a backdrop from the hotel curtain.

       Hands down, the best food I have ever had at a wedding reception. They had everything and more!

Congratulations to Ryan and Chelsea! What a beautiful day! This day makes it into my top3 for most enjoyable weddings! Sure this could be seen as bias, as I am friends with the bride along with many of the guests. This ranking could also be seen as one sided for the fact that the food was out of this world! There were chefs and food stations positioned around the sides of the reception hall. Some of which were preparing the food right before the guests as they mingled in between formalities. From fresh fish being fried, to apple strudle being prepared and baked in a mini oven. The atmosphere was electric with all this excitement on the go! The very best of cuisine from all over the world calling out to you. This was the first time I have seen vases filled with prawns! I mean who needs flowers in vases when you have prawns!;) I was also drawn in by the sushi platter that kept getting replenished every few minutes. By the time dessert came I was quite content, consequently giving it a miss, although it did look equally impressive. Dessert consisted of: a large chocolate fountain with various confectionaries to drown, apple strudle straight out the oven - literally, three different types of wedding cake, what looked like death by chocolate, and the list just went on...and on...

Apart from the above, I'd say it was probably the joy and excitement radiating from the couple and bridal party that made it so fun. Having a sunny day also makes my job way easier and more enjoyable. After shooting for about 12 hours myself and my assistant, Theo, hit the dance floor to end the day the best way, with some undignified dance moves:)