Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Courtney Read's Mini Model Photo Shoot

Courtney needed two shots for a competition, that she was looking to enter, so she called on me to give her a hand with that. I figured I would take some liberties with the shoot and add some edge to the beauty, as I know that Courts enjoys the more artistic side to life, as I have worked with her in the past. All these shots were taken at her house in La Lucia. We shot on a cold dark Friday afternoon, which seemed to set the tone quite well. The cold was a bit unfortunate for Courtney though, as it made the "dress in the pool" scene that much more real. Ten points to Court's for committing despite the cold, and also for a very loud back-flop ha ha. I hope the shot serves as good compensation for the sting it caused. I captured all the shots from above, while dangling my camera over the edge of their double story roof. I am grateful to still be alive. Big thanks to my angels for pausing the rain:)

Big thanks to Andy Ferreira, Theo Mulder and Marilyn Read (Courtney's mom) for assisting me. Thanks to Courts for being so open to unusual requests, like balancing a tea pot on her head:)