Monday, August 28, 2017

Steve & Cass

I LOVE this sequence below! The love and connection between these two is so tangible in these images, which is always such a win for the photographer, as this is always my goal when photographing couples.

Congratulations to Steve and Cass! Thanks for being so laid back to work with. I am thrilled with the results, and I'm sure you guys will be too. Oh and thank you for being game for the sunrise on such a fresh morning. There are one or two shots that you can actually see the steam being blown out Steve and Cass' mouths when in the forest. 

Cass is an amazing hair and make-up artist as you can tell by how she looks in these pictures. It's always convenient having these skills especially when you have to get your hair and make-up done before sunrise. 

I saw Cass a couple times in the gym she works in before I met her on the day of the shoot, and it turns out that Steve and I were in the same school in the Eastern Cape and were only one grade apart. Small world.

Geek talk: this shoot started at 6:30am and was done in under 2 hours. The beach scene was shot with a 50mm prime - working with a fixed lens limits the photographer, but in a good way as it forces them to see things differently and to master the confines of the frame lines - I think I'm going to patent that line;) . The forest scene was shot with a 16-35mm. Both locations are within 2.3 km from my house in Durban North. The couple played a massive role in this shoot being as successful as it was in that they were patient and they trusted me when I made weird and wonderful requests. The locations played a big roll as well. We were super blessed with perfect weather - this is not something that can always be planned, but we did check the forecast before hand which worked in our favour.