Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Luca & Chanel - 23 January 2016 - Audacia Manor

(below) one of my favourite images from the day. I just love the story that this moment tells.
Thanks to Daniella, Chanel's younger sister for assisting with a beautiful backlight 
in this sequence of images
Italian pasta starter for the win! (bottom left)
Myself and my brilliant assistant, and back up MOH (maid of honour), 
standing proud next to the good looking couple, Luca and Chanel, at the end of the night.

When Chanel first mailed me, she informed me that she was going to be marrying an 
"Italian Stallion." At the time, I was not entirely sure as to just how Italian we were talking, but it turned out that Luca is the real deal! It was so great to work with a completely different culture, and to only have to drive a whole 4km to experience this. This day was the weaving together of two different worlds...well, if we ignore the fact that Chanel's father is also Italian.

Words from the bride: "I can't believe how amazing those photos are! Luca, myself and all our friends and family just can't speak about them enough and those are just the few you put up.
We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your talented vision and feeling you exposed through the photos of the best day of our lives. Was all I ever wanted and now the photos can remind me each and everyday of that same feeling."

Audacia Manor as a venue are absolutely incredible! Their food and service is impeccable. 

Chanel's dress was designed by Chanelle Cindy Botha. I think the dress speaks for itself...