Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saihil's 4th Birthday Party

This was a day filled with: colour, enough candy to make you sick, a large yard filled with kids buzzing from various games, weird and wonderful animals, traditional Indian cuisine  and a very content birthday boy. As you can tell by the images, it was beautiful, sunny day which allowed the kids to utilize all the activities. It was just as well, as there were many activities to be utilized indeed. I could have been mistaken for one of the kids, as it proved to be quite a challenge to not have fun. The only difference between myself the other kids, was that I was playing with my camera instead of with the games provided. I did however have some bonding time with the owls when I got a gap. All these animals belong to a rehabilitation centre, as they all bear injuries, which prevent them from fending for themselves in the wild. One might not expect to find an Eagle Owl at a 4 year old's birthday party, but it sure did prove to be a hit with the kids, as it stared them down and hissled away. Although the birthday boy's sister was not impressed by it's presence at all. This is made quite apparent in some of the  above images, when you see the look of horror on her face ha ha. Well done to Sorisha and Vivian for planning the party. I wouldn't imagine it to have been a small task.