Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shooting the Breeze with Mia

This photo shoot of Mia was based around natural beauty. There were no make-up artists, assistants, lighting, stylists, or even airbrushing done on these images. We confined ourselves to one location, two props, one make-up look, and four wardrobe changes, as my goal was to focus on drawing as many different looks out of Mia as possible. As you can tell, Mia can pull off many different looks, to the extent that some of her friends didn't recognise her in the two images I previously posted. This is probably due to the fact that people never see Mia not smiling. Mia had never modelled before, which further increased my responsibility in guiding and directing Mia through each sequence. The biggest challenge that Mia presented was trying to get her to keep a straight face, as she just seems to bubble with joy, which is always the best problem that a photographer can be faced with. Mia happens to be a dancer, which always adds something more to photo shoots, not only for the positions which dancers are able to get into, but also for the fact that dancers carry themselves impeccably well.