Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sophie Joy

I had been listening to 'Of Mosters and Men's music before the shoot and had some of the lyrics in my head, so I felt it apt to add it to the shoot, with it being an influence and inspiration on the day. I had also just listened to an incredibly powerful teaching on the love of Jesus, 
which definitely fuelled my veins!
Give the song a listen to while you go through the shoot: 
Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. It's a gem!;)
(images below) Some behind the scenes shots that father Dan snapped. For those viewers curious to know which camera setups I used, well I didn't use the cushion camera I am sporting in this shot ha ha. I shot with two Canon 6Ds primed with a 100mm and a 50mm. We mainly worked with natural light due to the desired style of this type of shoot.
(Bottom right) "Amandla!"
A very proud set of grandparents!

What a fun morning! We spend most of the morning playing with Sophie, looking for fun story books, drinking coffee and having a good laugh. We even took a couple photos here and there;) The shoot went way overtime, due to such a beautiful, well kitted house, along with such a beautiful little Princess. Oh and Dan's coffee making skills were somewhat inspiring;)

So stoked for you, Dan and Kirst! You guys are truly blessed! Life is a complete miracle.

To those viewers who have not seen Dan and Kirst's baby bump shoot check it out here:

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