Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tendai, Ku and Talumba Welcome little Wangu into their Family

This shoot took place when Wangu, Tendai and Ku's son, was only two weeks old. This is a great time for a new born shoot, as babies tend to sleep through it all, allowing the photographer to get the best possible shots without upsetting the little one. These types of shoots usually take place in controlled environments, such as studios, but we were out for something much more bold and dramatic, so we opted for a beach and open field, as a backdrop. Tendai and Ku were an absolute pleasure to work with! Ku did a very impressive job at coordinating outfit colours, as well as bringing in bold props. We were blessed with sunshine, and a beautiful KZN sunset, as our shoot came to a close. It was quite windy on the beach, but we managed to work around it, by taking shelter behind a tall set of rocks. This shoot was somewhat tricky to monitor due to the strong winds, the kids on the move and the bright sunlight, which left me a little unsure of the end result. When I did get a change to go through the collection of photos, I was thrilled with the outcome. This shoot was placed into a exquisite coffee album, which will savour this special day forever.