Friday, September 13, 2013

Khwezi & Pam's Wedding

Khwezi and Pam got married at St John's Church, in Durban, on the 6 July 2013. This is the longest wedding I have ever photographed, but I barely noticed the time tick by, as it was the first wedding that I was about to shot with my full bag of new gear. I ended up shooting for 15 hours straight. The colours and in-out of focus depth looks incredible! My "subjects" were naturals in front of the camera, so that just added to the enjoyment of the day. St John's Church makes for breathtaking photographs, as it gives one so much space to work with and offers beautiful architectural detail. I am very happy with the new gear, and it was a great pleasure to tap into the potential of this gear with Khwezi and Pam, as they were open for anything on the day. Their day was full of joy and colourful celebration. Pam has got a keen eye for detail, as you will notice when looking through the decor and the fact that she had two dresses. It was great to work with such a large bridal party, as the colours just made the shots! If I recall correctly, all of the bridesmaids are Pam's sisters. Hopefully, if the couple like their album, I will get some referred business ha ha. Thanks to Paul Esteve's for assisting me during the creative shoot.