Friday, March 31, 2017


The morning after the Transnet fire.
(Above) Trish Bahlmann calling down fire from the heavens
...vat hom...
Trish(left) and Claude(right) run AOT. I unfortunately didn't get the winner's (middle) name.
Claude Eksteen. This is probably the first time you're seeing him from the front because the rest of us are usually chewing on the mud flung from his shoes at the starting line...and he is not seen again.
(Above) no one should ever be allowed to look this good while running with a sandbag on their back.
(Above) Rock climbers unite!

Our mission at Adventure Obstacle Training is to introduce you to a style of training that you have never experienced before. Taking you out of your comfort zone and challenge what you previously thought your limits were by expert advice, motivation and encouragement. No training indoors, no conventional weights and no traditional training sessions. 

These sessions are thrilling, exciting and guarantees a discovery of strength and perseverance. It includes running, jumping, sand bag carrying, dragging tyres, crawling over cargo nets and climbing up ropes. No experience needed, just a guarantee that you will have a blast while getting an intense workout with noticeable results!