Friday, December 8, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Zweli & Noks

Our day kicked off in Umlazi with a nice strong coffee.
(Above) When you second shooter like to bomb your photos
(Above) looking for a reflection in the side panel of a car
(Above) Steve Taking one for the team and clearing a puddle for a photo. What a hero.
(below) Sometimes men also take selfies in the restroom

For some weird reason people like to see the photographer and to see him in action on the day. So here's a heap of shots taken by my second shooter Stephen Pilbrough. I promise we got more shots of the couple then we did of me. We ended up with over 3700 images to sieve through and process.

The goal behind posting these behind the scenes images is in the hopes to wet your appetite for the grand blog post of Zweli and Noks' wedding day.  There are a lot of incredible images to look forward to. A-lot. I also thought it would also be good to show you just how much fun we have when we shoot.