Friday, January 23, 2015

The Mountford Brothers

Black and White vs. Colour

Working with three boys on a farm is a great contrast to working with brides, in white dresses, on their wedding day. With boys, one doesn't have to worry about getting them dirty, tearing their dress, nor worry about laying their train down for each shot. So this photo shoot was a refreshing way to end 2014. This shoot was done on the 29th December, on the Mountford's farm, in the Eastern Cape.

With such beautiful scenery, I opted to stick with a wider lens, in order to incorporate the breath-taking environment. This happens to be the farm that these boys have grown up on, so it was great to document them in their natural environment, as this just aided with making them feel at ease, and mischievous as ever. I myself, actually grew up very near to this farm, and was taught by the mother of these three boys, Hayley, in primary school. For this particular photo shoot, I was inspired to keep subjects centred and to play with symmetry. With the feel of the shoot, and the direction of the light, I got completely carried away with black and white edits, as they just seemed to add such depth and emotion to the selected images. I decided to blog half colour, half black and white, as I feel that they have both earned their place. 

All in all I am thrilled with the end result, especially for the fact that I came very close to breaking my toe a few hours before the start of the photo shoot. Thanks to Alex, Hayley and the boys for being so great to work with. I think we might have to do a updated photo shoot as the boys grow:)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wedding Collection Magazine Feature

You can check out Paul and Andie's wedding highlights here:

Congratulations to Paul and Andie for being found and chosen by the Wedding Collection Magazine, to be featured in their summer edition. Big thanks to Claudia for making it happen. Much appreciated!