Friday, June 24, 2016

David & Traci's Wedding

Traci has got to be one of the funniest, craziest brides we've worked with, so we had to get a photo with the two of them. She had everyone in stitches the entire day, which worked out well because David had his million dollar smile on in pretty much every shot. Well done for keeping the beard. Hopefully you will inspire other grooms;) What a fun and happy couple to work with! When Traci laughed, everyone laughed, and when she cried, everyone else cried. This got quite annoying, because it's hard to do your job when your emotions are all over the place;););)

2nd of April 2016 - Durban Underwater Club

I feel that this collection of memories speak for themselves. They tell of a day filled with fun and laughter, lots of tears of joy, a spaniel, beards, ruins, the beach, a bridal parted being doused in champagne, AMAZING food, ambitious dance moves, and lastly a chocolate fountain and strawberries. This proved to be the perfect recipe for a successful wedding!

Congratulations to David and Traci! You two should go into modelling, or acting, or comedy...or basically whatever you wanna do;)