Thursday, June 2, 2016

Vivek & Kashmir's Wedding Weekend

Vivek's Pre-Wedding Fuctions
Catering by Mali's Indian Restaurant. The food was as good as it looks!
I couldn't resist getting messy with the turmeric and the groom-to-be.
The Big Day
Wedding Reception - sneak peek

This collection of images serve as merely a taste of Vivek's pre-wedding functions, as well as Vivek and Kashmir's wedding reception. I was not the official photographer for Kashmir's pre-wedding functions, nor for the actual wedding ceremony, hence there not being any images from those events. There will still be many more images from the reception that will be added to this collection. Hit the like button on the UNPRECEDENTED PICTURES facebook page and you should be alerted when the rest of the images are added. 

Vivek and Kashmir travelled to India to purchase their outfits for their wedding day, as well as the days building up to the big day, and wow, you can totally see why made the trip to India, as their outfits are authentically beautiful!

Congratulations to Vivek and Kashmir on your marriage! 

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