Friday, August 9, 2013

Georg's Marvelous Marine Proposal

What a cool crazy beautiful day!!! Today Georg proposed to Leonie. The best part about it, is that Leonie had absolutely no idea! Well done to George, Elna (Leonie's sister), and Elias and his team from Usharka! The Cape Town based couple, were up in Durbs on holiday, when Georg "randomly decided" that they would make a trip to Usharka and commit to the "Ocean Walk", on a cold overcast day... I thought that this would be a give away on it's own, but no, Leonie was caught completely unawares. One of the Usharka staff members was so kind as to loan me his "Usharka" labelled jacket, allowing me to remain as a neutral Usharka photographer, who had been assigned to get some shots for their "new and exciting" website ha ha! Georg's parents flew up from the Western Cape to witness the event. The day was ended off with a lunch, at The Cargo Hold, fine dining restaurant, in Usharka. Big thanks to my good friend, Zac Watson, for assisting me with my heavy gear. Special thanks to my other good friend, Elna, for calling on me to document this once in a lifetime event. Elna was the mastermind behind this cunning, yet classy, plot. I started shooting around 11:30am, and it is now after 11pm...I think it's a good time to call it a day, and to get some rest before facing tomorrows shoots. Congratulations Georg and Leonie!:)