Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo Albums

Every so often I get a request to send a potential client some shots of the albums I offer. This section is dedicated to those who are looking to see what their package will entail, before they put their money down. The albums you see in these shots are the following: 
10x14 (25cmx35cm) 50 paged album with crystal resin cover (Odwa & Kgomotso)
10x14 (25cmx35cm) 50 paged album with plain cover (Black cover)
12x16 (30cmx40cm) 60 paged album with crystal resin cover (UP sample album)
There are also 6x9 (15cmx23cm) and 8x12 (20cmx30cm) parent albums available.
The only branding I add to albums is my logo, which is embossed into the back of the album, as well as a small logo on the bottom of the last page. These albums have a lifetime guarantee on them, and simply cannot be beat as far as quality and durability goes. Each page is an actual photographic print that has been coated with a protective layer over the surface. These prints are stuck to a compressed sheet of compressed cardboard paper. The pages are firm, but have some bend in them.

Albums are also available in white. You even have the option to have a canvas print as your cover.  

You are most welcome to pop in to view these samples with your own eyes.

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