Monday, March 3, 2014

The Nitro Circus Live Tour Show

I signed up to be on the Nitro Circus media crew, not really knowing what to expect, and when the fireworks kicked the event off, I was bowled off my feet! All of a sudden a man base jumped off the arch of the stadium, a few moments later someone did a back flip, over a massive gap, on rocking horse, then there's a guy dressed in his pjs sitting on a couch who proceeds to shoot down the colossal starter ramp, hits the kicker and clears the gap...on a's kinda one of those events that you just need to see in order to believe. I realised that the word "Circus" in the name Nitro Circus, is totally justified by the performance. So if you ever get the chance to see the show, it's a must! One could just sense the spirit of camaraderie amongst the riders. This is expected when you consider what's at stake physically, as injuries are no foreign foe to this team of performers. I can honestly say that there was no boring segment to the show. Apart from the brief half time interval, there was non stop action for a solid 2 hours. It's probably the first event I have been to that I would have been happy to get rid of my camera, just so that I could absorb air-born electricity, and the talent of these remarkable athletes. Photos, not even videos, do this show any justice! Go see it live! It will shoot fire into your veins!

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