Thursday, December 4, 2014

DJ & Bianca's Wedding

This is starting to look like an arranged marriage ha ha.
Both Lauren (Oliver Twist Video Productions) and myself opted to shoot 
from ground level, so that we could get as much sky in these shots as possible.

What a fun wedding! Both families are Portuguese, so it was very much a family affair. The wedding was held on the 4th of October, at Tala Game Park, in Camperdown. I had the privilege of working with DJ (Jordao) and Bianca, a few weeks before the actual day, in a couples shoot, which was done in Umhlanga. So when it came to the wedding day, the couple had already mastered the art of interacting in front of the camera. Bianca, you made an incredibly beautiful bride. DJ, an equally stylish groom.

This was by far the best sky, and golden light, I have ever been blessed with on a wedding day creative shoot. The dark rain clouds, that were contrasting with the deep blue sky, came up over our heads, and then they just disappeared. You don't get any more ideal than that!

Even the children at this wedding! I have never seen so many good looking kids in one area before. The Portuguese truly are a beautiful people (with a Portuguese mother, I am allowed to be a little bias;)

Check out the highlights film by Oliver Twist Productions here:

Congratulations DJ and Bianca! Perhaps photo shoot number three will have three members in it?;)

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