Friday, March 13, 2015

Bandise & Zintle's Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Bandise and Zintle's traditional Xhosa wedding celebration took place just outside Mount Coke, in the Eastern Cape, on the 20th of December 2014.

The locals of this town were so favourably friendly,  excitingly expressive, and dressed in vast array of rich colours, that I couldn't help but be inspired!

With it being a daytime event, I decided to give preference to natural light, and work with what the sun was delivering. I was inspired to capture the event from a "photojournalistic/National Geographic" perspective.  

Sincere thanks to Bandise and Zintle for being so fun, and easy going on the day. You guys were great to work with! The same goes for your bridal party members! Many thanks and compliments to Soso from Jewel Events for planning the day, and for executing such plans with meticulous precision. 


  1. We recently had our wedding at this place, and we couldn't have been happier. We had a particular vision for our wedding, and we were given just that. This is a unique location for vows, with an incredible view. Highly recommended!

  2. Craig i can never get over how beautiful these pics turned out. i was one of the ladies in the briadal party! i will definately make use of your services!