Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chris Glennie

If you are a modeling agency then hire this man! If you are a single lady, then stand in the queue;) Chris offers a more bold, strong look, as opposed to the more soft, feminine look, that most male models offer. Chris does not only look the part without a shirt on, but he also pulls off a formal look with sheer class! One gets a James Bond/Calvin Klein/Hugo Boss feel, when looking through his portfolio. A more casual look is also something that Chris is really good at. He is even able to pull off many guys that are able to squat 280kg's can say that!? No, I am not Chris' agent, I am just helping to get his name out there, where it belongs!:) 

As for the pretty lady in the photos, her name is Ami Dance, and she was standing in as a second model, just to add some diversity to Chris' portfolio. For those of you who have been following my work for a while might recognise Ami from previous shoots. If you are paying in Rands, and are looking for a female model, then I'm sure Ami won't mind if you give her a call:)

Thanks to Britt, Ami, Tyler, Darren, Claudia and Paul for all your assistance.

Job well done Chris! Until our next shoot...

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