Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tam & Charlie-Anne

As I'm sure you have already realised, this is the same mommy from the last pregnancy shoot. We decided that we liked the non conventional feel of the last shoot, so we decided to follow through with it, by using similar props and settings. We used the red rose as this shoot was done on the 14 of February, Valentine's Day. I find that most of these maternal shoots end up looking exactly the same, so we decided to go with various props that are typical of mother Tam, as well as unusual props that create something authentic. I also find that keeping the planning to a bare minimum, and going with what you are feeling while shooting, always creates something out of the ordinary.

Congratulations Tam! Until our next shoot...


  1. An incredible series of photographs. Beautiful subjects and a talented photographer produce amazing results. Well done!

  2. These pics are gorgeous!! Such a beautiful little girl and fantastically talented photographer!