Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cole and Sarah

For these two ring shots, I rested the rings on one of my spare lenses and used the glass of the lens as a base. As a creative photographer, I am constantly pushing boundaries and thinking out of the box, and this so happened to be the shooting technique I went with on the day. 
If you look into the distance you will see the snow capped mountains of the Drakensberg.
(Above left) My assistant, Theo Mulder, seems to have a way with the ladies, especially the young ones;)
This is one of my favourite candid portraits that I have captured at a wedding. Natural light and a natural pout;)

This is a great example of a wedding that was well planned. The ceremony was booked earlier than usual in the day, which just means that we get great light in the reception. We managed to sneak out to get a shot of the sunset.

Cole and Sarah got married on the 23 August 2014, at Providence Country Lodge, in the Midlands. They were such a joyful and fun couple to work with, as I am sure you would have picked up. Midlands, as well as the Drakensberg are so incredibly awe-inspiring that I seem to produce my best work in those areas. If a wedding venue has an incredible backdrop, one is guaranteed exquisite photographs. Forests, mountains, deep blue skies, cold air and fire simply can't be beat! It is impossible to not be inspired in a settling of this sort.

Big thanks to the Maid of Honour, Andie, for assisting me in cracking the whip and rallying the troops together. 

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