Wednesday, September 7, 2016


GYMTECH is a clothing label that caters for those who are looking for stylish, yet practical garments to train in. GYMTECH apparel are a win for the fact that they are diverse in that they can be worn in the gym, as well as casually, as they have that laid-back lifestyle look and feel about them.

This shoot took place in Ridgeside Office Park, Umhlanga Ridge on the 30 August 2016. 

On a technical front:
Most of these shots were lit solely by the sun, so I payed careful attention to light direction and the direction which shadows fell. We used a reflector board here and there, either to flag/block light, to reflect light to balance the image out, or to create a neutral white background for the clothing catalogue. We then added flash to the images shot on the grey backdrop just to give their guns that extra bit of pop.

If you require more information on the GYMTECH range, or even information on the models we worked with on the day, feel free to send me an inbox message on the UNPRECEDENTED PICTURES facebook page:
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