Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crossfit Shumba

Crossfit Shumba is a crossfit box situated adjacent to Old Town Italy in Umhlanga (29, The Outlet Park, 59 Meridian Dr, Durban). The box is run by crossfit athletes Billy Pullen and Russel Swanepoel, who actually set classes and instruct during classes.

My approach to this shoot was to give an honest account of what a Shumba crossfit class might entail. I worked only with natural light, as there was fortunately enough to create a dramatic contrast between shadows and sunlight. There is not a single shot in this collection that was posed. I was purely documenting the athletes as they went all out in the class. 

If you have never visited the Shumba box, or if you've never taken part in a crossfit class, give Shumba a visit...you can walk/crawl across the way to Old Town Italy for a coffee and croissant when you're done. 

Check out their website: www.crossfitshumba.co.za
Like them on facebook: www.facebook.com/CrossfitShumba


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