Saturday, November 11, 2017

Claude and Trish's Wedding

(Below) When the pastor photo bombs the newly weds in the form of a pigeon
 (Above) Probably one of my favourite wedding photos. When pictures tell stories...
 Most girls dream of the perfect wedding. To some it might look like this - climbing trees and being barefoot in nature with friends and family
 (below) South Africa vs New Zealand - fortunately this was the game that we actually did well in

Congratulations Claude and Trish on your marriage! I had such a great time photographing my friends/trainer's wedding. I just love how real, fun and honest they are. Claude and Trish seem to have developed a habit of winning the Warrior Black Op Elite races, just because they can. They also co-run AOT "Adventure Obstacle Training" centre in Durban North, where they train up fellow warriors, while cultivating a community of like-minded athletes that share a esoteric bond of camaraderie. Well done Claude and Trish! Your marriage is definitely your greatest victory - and prize - yet

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  1. Just attended a wedding here. We had hot, delicious meals. The wedding was amazing, everyone had such a great time. The NYC wedding venues space was elegant and impressive. The coordinator really appears to love her job, she had a smile on the whole day. Even after the wedding ended.