Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reon & Marli

I first met Reon and Marli in a Grid class at the gym I think when they had only first started dating. Reon and Marli actually also met at that same gym (few people could say no to Reon with bicep pump - dreamy;). Marli is one of those annoying over achievers that makes everyone look lazy in the class. I think she sleeps in a plank position, whereas us mere mortals usually sleep on in beds.

It always makes the shoot way more fun...and easier...and less awkward when you know the couple. 

Clearly these two are morning people - just look at all the smiling and laughter in this shoot! It was meant to be a sunrise shoot, but unfortunately the sky was constipated with clouds.

Every so often I find out that I wasn't booked to photograph a couple's wedding, because my style of photography is too posed...sure thing;) - this obviously wasn't the case with these two.

The reason for the hysterics in the last sequence was because I asked Marli to put her hand on the tree (so that her wedding band was in the shot) and once she had done so, I asked her to remove it because it looked like a zombie hand, due to the distorted perspective. It probably wasn't that funny, but we were all lacking sleep due to the early start, plus they're just such a happy, fun loving couple that just about anything tickles them.

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