Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Compo!!!

3 Free Photo Shoots Up For Grabs!
So all you have to do in order to stand a chance to win one of the 3 photo shoots is the following:
1. Click the 'Join this site' button, which is located on the bottom right of the screen, where it says 'Followers' (FYI you don't get notifications, so don't worry about spam)

2. Copy this:  3 Free Photo Shoots Up For Grabs!  and paste it as your facebook status, ALONG with the link to this blog. I will be checking this when the draw takes place, so rather do it to avoid disappointment:)

Bonus Shooting Time: Click {here} and then click on the 'like' button on the UNPRECEDENTED PICTURES facebook page. If you also do this you will double your shooting time!!!

Now that you have entered, you can check out my first engagement film, by clicking {here}

Terms and Conditions
So I don't think anyone gets excited when reading terms and conditions, 
but they are necessary, so here they are!:)
Competition closes on the 7 December (date extended from the 29th November 2012). No late entries will be accepted.
Draw will take place and winners will be announced on the 30th November.
Draw will be at random, so sucking up won't work:)
You only stand a chance to win if you have hit the like button on the UP facebook page,
and followed this UP blog. It is not a case of either or.
Shoot duration: 20min (which is enough to get some cracker shots)
Location: Open to ideas, but I will have the final say
Amount of people in shoot: Conditional
Time of day: Afternoon
Style: Alternative - none traditional
Winners will need to redeem voucher within 6 months from being announced. 
Thereafter voucher will be invalid.
The winner's shoots will be featured on this blog, as well as on the UP facebook page.

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