Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lee and Kelly's Trash the Dress Photo Shoot

We were blessed with a sunny day, but the sea was unfortunately mercy so we went with plan B, which was shooting in a swimming pool. We ended up checking out 3 pools which were all pretty dirty from all the rain that we had been having. It started getting dark when we eventually jumped into pool number 3, so we didn't get all that much underwater footage, but the upside is that we got loads of awesome stuff on the beach. The on land shoot was my priority, as we weren't able to get much creative stuff on their wedding day as we didn't have much time to work with. This shoot had a very good flow to it, and I ended up not using any flash or reflector board the entire time, which is pretty unheard of for me. We did however use constant lights to light the pool scene. Thanks to Leyton for standing by, in case of any need of extra light. Leyton ended up tanning, as we could find no use for him, as the lighting was rather mint. Some of the rays of sunlight would light the couple on the one side, and others would pass them, bounce off of the sand at their feet and return to light them from the other side. If only this was the case at weddings:) The random videographer in the background is Matt, from Parafilm Productions. Matt and I work together at most weddings. He was documenting Lee and Kelly's trash the dress shoot. Big thanks to everyone involved in this shoot, including Sian for doing an amazing job of Kelly's make-up for this shoot. Sian also did Kelly's make-up on her wedding day.

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