Monday, November 5, 2012

Sorisha's Surprise Birthday Party

This year Sorisha turns 21 yet again:) 

The surprise birthday party was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel Restaurant on Wednesday 24th October.  The two younger kids in a lot of the shots are Sorisha's children, Kalina and Saihil. This night, they seemed to have as much joy and excitement as the birthday girl herself.

Well done to husband, Vivian Reddy, for organising the event. In case you are wondering about the cake, Vivian had placed an order for a large elaborate cake, which apparently flopped, so the good people at the Beverly Hills quickly whipped one up to save the day. Vivian then used his savvy business mind, and came up with the idea of stealing one of Sorisha's prized Christian Louboutin heels, and placing it next to the cake, which only seemed to add to Sorisha's joy, and amazement. 

Well done to Neil Tapinos, Sorisha's best friend and college, for doing a superb job at being the master of ceremonies.

Once again a big congrats to Sorisha! I look forwards to next years party:)


  1. How vain and shallow. Kim Kardashian wannabe.
    Do something worthwhile with your life.Start saving the elephantsor something.